Why choose Aimlocks?


We guarantee this with a free lifetime subscription, free copy of CSGO, and fresh build of Aimlocks for anyone with a verifiable VAC ban as a result of using our software. To date, Aimlocks has been undetected for as long as it's existed.


Aimlocks is updated weekly, and hot fixes are released with all major CSGO updates generally within 10 hours. We are constantly adding and tuning features to ensure we remain the greatest software available.


Aimlocks can be adjusted to provide you with the exact experience you are looking for. Need a wallhack but want nothing else? You got it! Need pro aim but don't like wallhacks? Easy! Our software can be tweaked to suit your needs.


Given what Aimlocks can provide, we are the cheapest cheat option currently available anywhere! Our competitors charge greater prices for less features, less security, and less accountability.