How do I get Aimlocks?

At the moment we are only accepting redeemable gift cards as payment for our software. This is to protect us from chargebacks used to steal licenses and also to help our team remain anonymous from Valve's Anti-Cheat team. Amazon and Steam codes are the most common gift cards used for payment as they can be purchased at a slight discount from G2A. If you would like to purchase a gift card, you can find Steam cards here, and Amazon cards here. Our prices are as follows...

License Duration Price
Trial (Non-Renewable) 3 Days $5 USD
Monthly 1 Month $10 USD
Quarterly 4 months $25 USD
Lifetime (Most Popular) Unlimited $50 USD


Aimlocks is loaded with features and we're always working on including more. At the moment, Aimlocks includes aimlock (duh), trigger bot, auto bunnyhop, wallhack, aim assist, always-on radar, and no-flash. In the future we plan on implementing a skin changer, customizable text spam, auto name changer, and we've got a lot more ideas on the table. Updates are released weekly with a private newsletter and we work overtime to hotfix any features broken with CSGO updates.

Is special pricing available?

Only in special circumstances. There are some cases where Aimlocks bundles can be purchased at a cheaper price, however, those are generally for larger orders such as 5 licenses to be used by a full CSGO team. If you would like special pricing, please mention it in the 'Notes' field with your purchase. We will contact you with pricing options as soon as we process your order.

Does Aimlocks require Windows?

No. Aimlocks works on any operating system, however, our main focus is Windows and new features will work first there.

How is Aimlocks undetectable?

The main reason is that every copy has it's own unique signature. That means that even if one copy of Aimlocks was VAC detected, no other copy would be affected because Valve detects cheats based solely on their signature or interference with game data. This leads to the second point, Aimlocks is completely external. This means that Aimlocks in no way interferes with Counter-Strike or any other processes that may be challenged by VAC.

Is Aimlocks difficult to use?

Not at all. If you're already playing CSGO, you can use Aimlocks. It's as easy as launching the program, then launching CSGO.

What services can Aimlocks be used with?

Currently, Aimlocks works on ESEA, FaceIt, CEVO, and Valve matchmaking services.