Aimlocks was built and continues to be supported by a team of four designers. For obvious reasons, we can't give too much information about ourselves, but generally we're known as f0al, deco, DOLAN, and Squit. We've been friends for years, and have been working together on projects for almost as long as we've known eachother. We all love CSGO and play it nightly, but decided to make Aimlocks as a side project to broaden our skills, fix a shady market, and help people get to where they want to be in Counter-Strike if they don't have the time to put into the game. Once you recieve your copy of Aimlocks you will be given our contact info for support in the future. Below are brief bios we've prepared for ourselves.

f0al (Designer / Coder)

I've known most of these guys for about 4 years now. We all met playing Counter-Strike and I turned them to coding pretty quickly as something we could do together outside of CSGO and learn something along the way. I get asked a lot and no, I don't feel guilty about working on Aimlocks. A ton more people cheat than you'd think and it's also helping me get better at what I do while giving people what they'll get one way or another.

deco (CODER)

It me, head kid. Professional meme and full time student. I've been a part of the team for quite a while now and can say that everything is fine and we've got some awesome things we'll be doing in the future. If you ever have any questions, you can contact me via Skype or Twitter.


Hey everyone, it's DOLAN here! Hope you like the website! I've put a lot of time into it and try to work on it daily. I met these guys a few years ago while playing CSGO and we've kind of stuck together since. I like to play CSGO without cheats but I'll admit I've used Aimlocks for my fair share. If you ever want to play a competitive match with me, you can get in touch through Skype.

squit (CODER / WEB)

What up? I spend pretty much all my time either working at my job or on Aimlocks. I'm the guy who is responsible for pretty much half of what you see when you launch the software. If you ever find a bug, Tweet me and I'll see what I can do to fix it, right now Aimlocks is pretty streamlined so almost nothing breaks though. If you ever have an idea of something to add you can also let me know about that and I'll see what I can do.